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Zach Krause

Roy Williams Foundation

Board Member


-Zach was born in Kokomo, IN in 1988.

- He grew up on Grissom Air Force Base early in life, and then moved to North Liberty, IN where he continues to still call home.

- Zach worked construction and excavating mostly out of high school.

- In 2009, he became a special deputy for the St. Joseph County Probate Court assisting local police departments and federal law enforcement.

- In 2010, he felt the calling to enlist into the United States Army as a 19D Cavalry Scout.

- Upon completion of OSUT training, Zach was stationed at Ft. Bliss, TX assigned to 1st Brigade 1st Armored Division 6th Squadron 1st Cavalry Regiment.

- Zach deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 under Operation Enduring Freedom.

- After serving his obligated time in service for the Army, Zach got out of the Army and moved back home to start a family.

- Zach is happily married to his wife Makenzie and has two beautiful daughters named Harper and Charlotte.

- He currently works as a certified auto technician for Creative Colors International.


  • The day Zach met Roy is when Roy transferred to 6-1 CAV (Zach’s unit). Roy was assigned to Zach’s platoon and they became inseparable. Each of them deployed together in the same platoon and created a bond only a few ever have the honor of experiencing. After getting out of the Army, Zach and Roy kept in touch frequently. They would call each other and update each other on what is new in each other’s lives. Roy was a brother to Zach, and friend to many and an uncle to Zach’s little girls.

  • Zach received the phone call early in the morning that everybody hears of but never thinks it could happen to them. Roy had taken his own life. This, of course, shattered him and it immediately brought all of the guys together in order to honor Roy at his service. Any life lost to this epidemic is one far too many. The Roy Williams Foundation not only aims to reach out and save those in need during their darkest moments in life, it aims to give a purpose and reasoning to those that have a hand in sacrificing and making this happen. May there forever be more men and women out there like this.

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