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Zach Crevier

A Brief Biography for Zach Crevier:

Chairman of the Roy Williams Foundation

DOB: 12/1991


My name is Zach Crevier and I was born and raised in Grand Haven, Michigan. Upon graduation of High school in 2010, I enlisted in the United States Army as a Cavalry Scout. I have been assigned to many units, but where my journey began was with 2-13 Cavalry Regiment where I met Roy Williams.


Roy and I did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan together and became closer than friends, we were brothers. After Roy’s expiration term of service from the Army in 2014, we remained in contact every day regardless of how crazy life may have gotten. We could depend on each other regardless of the circumstances.


Roy’s passing inspired us to act and realize that this is completely unacceptable.

The reason we carry Roy’s name on is because Roy meant so much more to people than he knew, just like many others who take their lives every day. He did not consider his own worth to family, friends, and society on that tragic night.


I myself am still active duty military, and training Cavalry Scouts at Fort Benning, Georgia. Just like all branches of the military, the RWF is led by a dedicated group of determined volunteers that want to make a difference.


As Chairman of this organization, my goal is to support all veterans and first responders in need and to drastically reduce the 22 veterans that take their lives every day. It is possible, and we will find a way!


Please, take a stand with me and this foundation to make a difference.    






Zachary Crevier


Roy Williams Foundation

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