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Travis Garvin

Roy Williams Foundation

Board Member

-Travis Garvin was born in Washington state in 1986.

-After High School he attended Central Washington University. There he completed a
Bachelor's Degree in Law and Justice.


-After graduating he joined the Army in 2011 as a Cavalry Scout and was assigned to 6-1
Cavalry Squadron Bravo Troop at Ft. Bliss Texas.


-He then Deployed to Afghanistan under Operation Enduring Freedom

-After his term of service was completed Travis returned to Washington state and began a
career in contracting.


-He is currently focused on furthering his education at the University of Washington.
Travis met Roy while in 3rd platoon of Bravo Troop 6-1 Cavalry Squadron. It didn't take
long for them to become fast friends. Roy’s demeanor and ability to make any situation funny
had a great impact on him and his time in the army. Having become close friends within a
tight knit group during deployment and after they returned, they kept in frequent contact after
their time in the Army. The loss of Roy had a profound effect on Travis and motivated him to
take up the cause of veterans issues. Both spreading awareness and advocating for veterans
issues. This is why he looks now to undertake the work that the Roy Williams Foundation is
currently advocating. Reaching out to Veterans and First responders in their darkest hours
and providing the resources and tools needed to help them.

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