Kit Steimle

Roy Williams Foundation

Board Member

I grew up in a suburb outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Every male in my family has served in the military and I followed along turning down an athletic scholarship to college. 

  • US Navy 1989-1993

  • Gulf War Vet

1993-2014 Louisville Metro Police Department

  • Undercover Street Crimes Detective 

  • Narcotics Sergeant 

  • Commander Violent Crime Unit

  • ATF gun task force

  • US Marshals Task Force

  • Founding Member of Peer Support Unit

CIT Certified (Crisis Intervention Team)

  • Involved in multiple Critical Incidents (shootings, officer-involved deaths)

After getting injured in the Middle East, receiving disability, and then serving 21 years in the police department, I know what it's like to struggle with things that we have all seen during our times in service. I met Roy right when he moved to town and we became fast friends. Roy was a lot like me when I was younger. My sole reason for being part of this foundation is to help young men and women deal with issues and provide them hope.