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Dave Newton

Roy Williams Foundation

Vice Chairman


David T. Newton

Born 12/1/1986 Abilene Texas. 

lived and attended school in Baird Texas, attended Cisco Jr College. 

Joined the service (Army) 1/19/06 left service 8/11/2019.

I was an 11C In multiple units ranging from light infantry and light anti-tank infantry companies as well as serving in both Stryker and heavy mechanized recon units. I have 4 deployments, 2 to Iraq, 2 to Afghanistan as well as a rotation on the southern border with Mexico.


Reason for being a part of RWF:

I was not close to Roy; in fact, I can only remember a few interactions with him; but they are memorable. Simply put, one of my best friends, a brother a chosen brother; a member of my extended family; Roy was his best friend. As a result, here we are, my brother, my best friend is hurting and no one should have to deal with that hurt.


As someone who has lost two best friends, two platoon members multiple members of companies I deployed with over the years; these people are the reasons. We are not alone, someone out in the dark cares, loves and wants us to be stable and happy. Maybe we haven't talked in a while, maybe there is animosity or fear of disappointment on either end. But at the end of the day, I will promise you, someone out in the dark can look past that. Reach out.      

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