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The Roy Williams Foundation

Meeting 29 Agenda 11/7/2021 1300 MST (TBD)


Roll Call:

​Chairman: Alhaji Bangura:

​Vice-Chairman: Dave Newton:

Board Members:

Zach Krause:

Kit Steimle:

Matthew Anderson:

Dexter Pitts:

Travis Garvin:


Secretary/Treasurer: Bret Collyer:

Assistant Secretary: Vacant

Alternates: 2 Vacancies


Call to Order.

Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda? :


Adoption of Meeting Minutes, Meeting #28 10/17/2021:

Old Business:

Changes to website:


Recruitment of Alternates:


Fundraising Letter Draft Review: (Bangura)


New Business/continuing business:

Updates to bylaws/founding documents: When Secretary Collyer began preparing copies of the
original founding documents/bylaws, to mail to the members, he noted several changes that
need to be made to concur with the evolution of the RWF. Collyer will review these changes
with the BOD, then prepare changes for the BOD to consider for formal adoption during our
next meeting:


Critical path/Structural Discussion for the RWF:

1) Finances/Fundraising update (Krause):


2) Structure evolution (Bangura):


3) Recruitment plan:


4) Advertising:


5) Training (Steimle):



Financial Update:
Deposits: $271.02 Foundation for Good
Checking Account Balance:            $ 558.49 Debits. Ck # 1093 $780.00-9/11 event advertising
Savings Account Balance:           + $4,399.65
Total Monetary Assets:                    $4,958.14


*Anything Else/general discussion:

*Next Meeting:
*Meeting Adjourned:

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