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The Roy Williams Foundation

Meeting 26 Agenda 9/10/2021 5:00pm MST
In Person, Poncha Springs, Co. Town Hall


Roll Call:

Chairman: Zach Crevier:


Vice Chairman: Dave Newton

Board Members:

Zach Krause:

Alhaji Bangura:

Kit Steimle:

Dr. Michelle Flores:

Matthew Anderson:

Secretary/Treasurer: Bret Collyer:

Assistant Secretary: Hailey Steimle:


Dexter Pitts:

Travis Garvin:


CSM Troxell (possible)


Call to Order.

Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda?


Adoption of Meeting Minutes, Meeting #25 8/22/2021


Old Business:
None expected unless verbally mentioned by member. So the Board of Directors can focus on
9/11 memorial event.


New Business/continuing business

*”Critical Thinkers” Veterans group having an event/Poker Run, in the San Luis valley, we are a
northern destination, they may send some riders. Bret will have more info to share (A.I.M.
together campaign), “Rally in the Valley”.


*Friday, September 11th  20th-year Memorial Event schedule. (Included in packets)


*We may need a Master of Ceremonies (MC) to fill in and informational purposes.

*0830: Muster at the Poncha Springs Veterans Memorial to coordinate with the VFW for


*0900: Memorial Ceremony at the Memorial site then travel to Town Hall to coordinate event.
“Honors for Deceased and First Responders” National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, prayer,
taps, rifle volleys etc.


*1000: Flag Ceremony at Poncha Springs Town Hall. (same as above) After; retire the squads.

*1015: Speaker, Director Bangura (to share thoughts and introduce Jim Storey)

*1045: Guest Speaker Jim Storey, Bronze Star Recipient, Vietnam.

*1115: Speaker, Director Kit Steimle (To share thoughts and introduce Troxell)

*1125: Guest Speaker, CSM Troxell (Duration TBD) Troxell (or other) to invite all to lunch with
Veterans and First Responders through the line first at no charge. All others after with a
suggested donation of $15 each.


*1200: Lunch/conversation

*1400: Conclusion (Informal) Cleanup begins (Don’t Feel obligated to help)

*After Party TBD. Crevier needs a ride to DIA

*Anything Else/general discussion:
There are other logistical considerations that need to happen as follows:


*Pick up sound system (Bret) and figure it out.

*Pick up tables and chairs from County Fairgrounds (Jesse and Brayden)

*Drinks, Ice and Cookies from Lagrees (Shawn)- Need a stock tank.

*Taking Money (Dee and Jenna)

*Help for caterers (TBD)

Financial Update:
Checking Balance              $4,441.47
Ledger balance                  $4,091.61
Savings Account Balance: $7,399.47
Total Monetary Assets:     $11,491.08


Expenditures: Riverside Trophies $30.00-Director Flores nameplate
Director Steimle, Business card reimbursement $86.91
Ship-N-Things $50.00 color copies, event fliers.
Settings Event Rental $194.75 Sound system for event.


Projected Expenditures:
Catering +/- $6600.00 (planned for 300 people)
Drinks/ice +/-$500.00
Event Advertising $780.00

/ $7,880.00 Anticipated Expenditures


*Expected Revenue unknown. Veterans and First Responders eat free (+/- 100?)

*All others $15 each 200x$15=$3000.00 I have been contacted by multiple people who cannot
attend, but still would like to donate. We also anticipate some will not donate and others will
donate generously…… We shall see.


*Menu: Smoked Baby back ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken breasts. Potato Salad, ranch
beans, mac-n-cheese, dinner rolls etc.


*Plates, plastic ware, bbq sauce on them.

*Drinks and desert on us.


*Next Meeting:

Crevier to talk about future endeavors

TBD for necessity prior to our September 10 th meeting.


*Meeting Adjourned


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