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The Roy Williams Foundation

Meeting 25 Agenda 8/22/2021 2:00pm MST

Roll Call:

Chairman: Zach Crevier:


Vice Chairman: Dave Newton

Board Members:

Zach Krause:

Alhaji Bangura:

Kit Steimle:

Dr. Michelle Flores:

Matthew Anderson:

Secretary/Treasurer: Bret Collyer:

Assistant Secretary: Hailey Steimle:


Dexter Pitts:

Travis Garvin:


Call to Order.

Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda?


Adoption of Meeting Minutes, Meeting #23 6/16/2021:

Adoption of Meeting Minutes, Meeting #24 7/25/2021:


Old Business:

*Expected Attendance for In-person meeting?

*Lodging Requirements?

*Full-Service Camper/Camping at the Angel K Ranch.

*Spare-Bedroom at Collyer’s Ranch.

*Hotel Rooms


New Business/continuing business

*Friday, September 10th . In-Person Meeting. Poncha Springs Town Hall Agenda.
General Business and hopefully in-person Peer Support training with other Agencies Present.


*Saturday September 11th 20th Anniversary Veteran’s and First Responder Appreciation Event
with Speakers and Barbecue Lunch. (See Draft Flier)


*Directors After Party, Bonfire and Whiskey at Ranch (Weather Permitting)


*Anything Else/general discussion:

*Need for RWF Credit Card


Financial Update:
Checking Balance                $4,153.27
Ledger balance                         SAME
Savings Account Balance:   $7,399.09
Total Monetary Assets:       $11,552.36


The Ray Lines VFW post 64 have decided to support us with $100.00 per month to be paid
Quarterly. They sent $100 for the month of June.


*Next Meeting


*Meeting Adjourned

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