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The Roy Williams Foundation
Meeting 20 Agenda 3/14/2021 2:00pm MST

Roll Call:

Chairman: Zach Crevier:


Vice Chairman: Dave Newton

Board Members:

Zach Krause:

Alhaji Bangura:

Kit Steimle:

Dr. Michelle Flores:

Matthew Anderson:

Secretary/Treasurer: Bret Collyer:

Assistant Secretary: Hailey Steimle:


Dexter Pitts:

Matthew White:


Call to Order.

Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda?


Adoption of Meeting Minutes, Meeting #18 held on 2/20/2021
(Need a motion, a second and a vote)


Old Business:
*Database/Spreadsheet progress: Director Steimle


*Update Bylaws to include new members: Secretary Collyer

*Termination of the “Donate Now” Button.

*Still waiting on a few members to complete COI forms for 2021:
Assistant Secretary Steimle, Vice Chairman Newton, Alternate White


*Business cards for Flores and Pitts.

New Business

*Alternate Pitts to lead discussion about his thoughts and ideas about how to proceed with our
mission from a Purple-Heart Veteran and current Law Enforcement Professional working for a
large Department.


*Chairman Crevier to lead a discussion about planning for our Mid-September In-Person
Meeting, to include fundraising ideas (i.e. Sponsored 5k run, ruck march, merchandise, BBQ
etc.) Now that Covid is diminishing.


Financial Update: (2/1/21-2/28/21)
Checking Balance: beginning: $862.47
Deposit- Amazon Smile:           $15.84
Check # 1021 to Collyer           
$270.00 Signed by Crevier, reimbursement for website renewal.
Ending Checking Balance        $608.31


(1/01/21-3/1/21) Beginning Savings Balance: $3,195.87
4-Deposits/Credits:                                           $4,444.51
Interest paid:                                                               0.23
5-debits (transaction fees)                                   
Ending Balance:                                                 $7,468.40

Total monetary assets:                                       $8,076.71

*Secretary Collyer will continue efforts to de-activate “Donate Now” button and work on
“Closing out” 2020 taxes-Simple postcard form


Anything else?

*Consider reviewing Mission Statement to better reflect evolution of RWF at next meeting.

*Hunt planning for members-post RWF meeting (remain on Zoom)


Next Meeting:

Meeting Adjourned:

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