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The Roy Williams Foundation
Meeting 18 Agenda 1/24/2021 2:00pm MST

Roll Call:


Chairman: Zach Crevier:


Vice Chairman: Dave Newton:

Secretary/Treasurer: Bret Collyer
Assistant Secretary: Hailey Steimle


Board Members:

Zach Krause:

Alhaji Bangura:

Kit Steimle:

Matthew Anderson:

Dr. Michelle Flores: 

Matthew White:



Bret Collyer: 

Assistant Secretary:

Hailey Steimle:


Call to Order.

Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda?
This meeting is intended to be a catch-up new year ‘housekeeping’ meeting.


Adoption of Meeting Minutes, Meeting #17 held on 1/10/2021
(Need a motion, a second and a vote)


Old Business:
*Make sure all members have access to Microsoft Teams for training purposes.
Collyer waiting to hear back from Sol-Vista


*Director Flores to speak about “Peer support approach” for RWF operations. Staying clear
about our roles as client advocates specializing in referrals while our training progresses.


*Database/Spreadsheet progress.

*Alternate Candidates: Dexter Pitts sent Bio. Can we find another Veteran and/or First
responder candidate for consideration of both at next meeting?


New Business
*All members must review and sign yearly Conflict of Interest statements, scan and e-mail back
to Secretary Collyer.


*Dr. Flores Business cards.

*Secretary Collyer to update bylaws prior to next meeting


Financial Update:

Checking Balance: $1,024.02
Savings Balance: $4,143.12
Total monetary assets: $5,167.14


Secretary Collyer just paid $270.00 via C.C. for Website renewal (Wix) As soon as receipt
received would seek reimbursement, Crevier to sign check.


Anything else?


Next Meeting:


Meeting Adjourned:

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