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The Roy Williams Foundation
Meeting 16 Agenda 12/13/2020 2:00pm MST


Roll Call:

Chairman: Zach Crevier

Vice Chairman: Dave Newton

Board Members:

Zach Krause

Alhaji Bangura

Kit Steimle


Matthew White

Matthew Anderson



Bret Collyer

Assistant Secretary:

Hailey Steimle

Call to Order.
Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda?


Adoption of Meeting Minutes, Meeting #15 held on 11/13/2020
(Need a motion, a second and a vote)
Consider motion to table minutes until guest attendees given a chance to review/amend.


Old Business:
In Person meeting review:
What went wrong?
What went right?


Did the following questions get answered?
1) Find and complete Crisis Intervention Training either in-person or online?


2) Recruit people willing to undergo training and furthering their education?


3) How to merge civilian Crisis Intervention Specialists in good standing with First
responder organizations and social service organizations?


4) How can we make it ok for people to laugh again?


5) How can we seek out grant funding to support our mission?


New Business

Next Steps?

*What questions should we ask next?
All guest attendees greatly appreciate our efforts and want to help, we should use their
knowledge and networks.


*CIT Online Training for Group.


*Roving Phone number acquisition.


*Begin outreach efforts to partner with other non-profits and Mental Health Agencies.


*Craft a plan for outreach and advertising for willing CIT trainees.

*Focus on Military/First Responders, people with PTSD experience.

*Consider addition of new membership.
How big do we want the board of Directors to be?
How many Alternates?
Female/Law Enforcement/EMS or Fire etc?


Financial Update:
Checking Balance: $1,402.02
Savings Balance: 3,112.59
Total monetary assets: $4,514.61


Next Meeting:

Meeting Adjourned:

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