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Roy Williams Foundation Meeting Minutes, Meeting five                                         


Date of Meeting 2/02/20 @ 2:00 pm MST                                                                                                         

Type of meeting: Conference Call


Roll Call:                                                                                                                                                                 

Chairman: Zach Crevier- Present                                                                                                                                

Vice Chairman: David Newton- Present                                                                                                                      


Board Members:                                                                                                                                                      

Zach Krause-Present                                                                                                                                                 

Matt White- absent                                                                                                                                                          

Kit Steimle-present                                                                                                                                           



Alhaji Bangura-present                                                                                                                                               



Haley Steimle-Present                                                                                                                            



Bret Collyer-Present


Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda?  None                                                                                         

Adoption of meeting minutes, meeting four 1/19/20                                                                              

Chairman Crevier made a motion to adopt the meeting minutes as written, seconded by Board member Krause. Minutes were unanimously adopted.


Old Business:                                                                                                                                                                                

Crisis Intervention Materials: Chairman Crevier indicated that he was still working with his Base Chaplain on acquiring appropriate materials in sufficient quantities to distribute among members. Members agreed that this project would remain a “Work in Progress” as the Army is in the process of re-writing and updating these manuals to contain the latest research and information.


New Business:                                                                                                                                                        

Larger Discussion of the business/operating plans/fundraising/growing membership and other goals of the organization. Chairman Crevier began the discussion by stating that he had been “Brainstorming” and researching organizations such as the RWF. It was an enthusiastic conversation participated in by all members and included the following components: Referring Veterans/First Responders in need to organizations that provide trained and certified Service Animals. Secretary Collyer noted that the vision statement included language referring to the idea that “If we can’t help a particular client, we will refer him/her to someone who can, then help them get there, i.e. gas money, hotel room etc.”. Vice Chair Newton spoke about Hunting with Veterans, possible liability and the probability that an organization he is associated with will have a shooting competition/fundraiser to help the Roy Williams Foundation. Boardmember Steimle spoke about a local (Salida) Veterans Organization known as “Veterans Outdoor Advocacy Group” that helps Veterans get outside for therapy/recreation that we could work with. Steimle also indicated that he will be starting a (Toyota) Landcruiser club and that their first Rally would serve as a Fundraiser for the RWF. Vice-Chairman Newton indicated that he and Boardmember White were researching a “Chuck Wagon themed” fundraising event in Texas for possible financial assistance for the RWF. There was also a discussion about a Commemorative “Bataan Death March” event in White Sands Texas and that the RWF might consider sponsoring a team to help raise awareness of our Organization. There was also a discussion about the benefits of Medical Cannabis for the treatment of PTSD and how the RWF could help sway the discussion at the Local, State and Federal level of Government to facilitate the availability of cannabis for Veterans/First Responders to help stem the tide of depression/suicide. It was widely agreed that the VA’s reliance on ‘pills’, i.e. anti-depressants and the tendency of some Veterans to consume alcohol while taking them, is very obviously counterproductive to suicide prevention efforts. Alternate Bangura discussed the need to have “Professional Lobbying Efforts” to help sway legislation related to cannabis. Secretary Collyer noted that there were some portions of the 501(C)(3) paperwork that would have to be filled out in order for the RWF to be able to lobby legislative bodies and that he and Boardmember Steimle as well as Volunteer (Haley) Steimle met last week to discuss/begin the 501 (C)(3) paperwork. Haley said she would research studies relating to the benefits of cannabis versus alcohol and anti-depressants.                                                                                                                                 


Financial Update: Secretary/Treasurer Collyer informed the Board that the bank needed to change the name of the savings account from “The Roy Williams Foundation” to “The Roy Williams Fund” for legal reasons until non-profit status is achieved. He and Chairman Crevier have already discussed this issue and will re-sign the necessary paperwork to change the account name. The Roy Williams Fund balance now stands at $3,749.15 and would likely remain there until the Organization can legally receive additional monies after completion of the non-profit paperwork.


Other Business: Finding another alternate member was discussed and members were going to reach out to their colleagues to gage interest. Secretary Collyer said we should strive to maintain two alternates and that he has a few other people in mind and would contact them if the members found no-one else in their networks.


Secretary Collyer mentioned that he and Haley Steimle had discussed her becoming Vice-Secretary of the organization to help with duties as well as providing some backup in case he is unable to attend a meeting as well as add a layer of redundancy, because it is easy to miss portions of the discussion based on the conference call format. Haley expressed her willingness to help in this manner. All members expressed gratitude to her for her continued support/interest.


Chairman Crevier suggested that our Mission Statement could be changed to include verbiage about the funding of needed prosthetics for Veterans and research and development for such. Vice-Chairman Newton added that we could focus on specific disabilities that are not as common in order to direct some funding for the R&D to help create new prosthetics for these less common injuries.


Boardmember Krause asked Steimle (Kit) and Chairman Crevier for digital copies of the RWF Logos so he could get some t-shirts made for members.


Next Meeting February 26th @2:00pm MST


Meeting Adjourned 2:44 pm

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