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The Roy Williams Foundation Meeting Minutes, Meeting 46

Date of Meeting: Meeting 46 6/11/2023 1300 MST

Roll Call:

Chairman: Alhaji Bangura- Resignation Pending
Vice Chairman: David Newton- Resignation Pending
Managing Director: Ashley Ottmer- Resignation Pending


Board Members/Directors:
Zach Krause- Resignation Pending

Dexter Pitts- Present

Travis Garvin- Resignation Pending

Markus Hugle- Present



Bret Collyer- Present

Assistant Secretary:

Social Media Manager:

Amber Holmes- Present

Alternate Director:

Three Vacancies


Note: Resignations remain “Pending” until formally accepted by Directors during regular meeting w/quorum.
As new Director appointed, one previous Director may be relieved.


Call to Order:

Additions, deletions or changes to the agenda?:


Adoption of Meeting Minutes, Meeting #45: 1/8/2023: Pending Quorum

Old and continuing Business: Pending quorum


New Business:
1) Consider Mr. Samuel Vena for full Director Position: Letter of Interest attached. A brief discussion
was had with Director Hugle noting that he and Collyer had lunch with Mr. Vena a few weeks ago and
found him to be a very good fit and very qualified for the mission of the RWF. Director Pitts stated that
he had read the letter of interest provided by Mr. Vena and agreed that he would be a good addition
to the team. Hugle made a motion to invite Mr. Vena to join us, seconded by Pitts, the vote was
unanimous. Members welcomed Mr. Vena to the team, he replied that he was excited and honored to


2) Consider first Scholarship Application: Full application attached: Director Pitts stated that (since he
was at work) he had not yet had a chance to review the application. Collyer (sent Pitts screenshots of
the application during the meeting for a quick review) then stated that ‘she seems to have met all of
the requirements we put forth for an applicant.’ Hugle and Vena agreed and said that they both had
reviewed the application and ‘she seems to be a really good candidate’. Director Vena then made a
motion to award the grant to Miss Slivka, seconded by Hugle. The vote was unanimous.


A brief discussion followed about the best way to distribute the funds. It was decided that we would invite the
applicant to lunch at a time and place that would work for all.


Hugle reminded everyone that “We still have one scholarship available if we could spread the word about it.”
Collyer replied that he would prepare a news release to go along with the scholarship award announcement.

Potential actions:

A) Approve:

B) Propose further questions/table until next meeting:

C) Table:

Financial Update:
Checking Account Balance       $2,717.64
Savings Account Balance:    + $14,111.24
Total Monetary Assets              $16,828.88


Task assignment and follow through items: None


Anything Else/General Discussion: Reminder. Rocky Mountain Service Dog Banquet, 10 tickets have
been purchased. Event is Saturday July 15, 2023 in Canon City, Co. Abby Event Center. Meal Provided. Silent
Auction. Need list of names by June 20th .


Next Meeting: TBD

Meeting Adjourned: 1448

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