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The Roy Williams Foundation Meeting Minutes, Meeting 42

Date of Meeting: Meeting 42 10/23/2022 1300 MST

Roll Call:

Chairman: Alhaji Bangura- Absent/Ill
Vice Chairman: David Newton- Present
Managing Director: Ashley Ottmer- Present 

Board Members/Directors: 
Zach Krause- Present

Dexter Pitts- Present
Travis Garvin- Absent/excused

Markus Hugle- Present



Bret Collyer- Present

Assistant Secretary:

Social Media Manager:

Amber Holmes- Present

Alternate Director:


Call to Order:

Additions, deletions or changes to the agenda?: None


Adoption of Meeting Minutes, Meeting #41: 9/25/2022: No changes. Ottmer made a motion to
approve the minutes as written. Seconded by Newton. Vote was unanimous.


Old and continuing Business: Informational
1) In Person meeting date Friday November 4th at 4:00pm with recreational activities to be planned for the 5th
and 6th . Who can/will commit?:
Chairman Bangura, as well as directors Garvin (can’t make it), Ottmer and
Newton have committed so far, as well as Secretaries Collyer and Holmes and Alternate Director Hugle.
Simeon Chelf would also like to attend.


2) Reminder Tres-Litros Comedy Club Fundraiser for the RWF on October 26th Note: venue has changed due to
remodeling and smaller space at original location. Flier has been included with agenda, local members have
been assisting with outreach and flier distribution:


3) Follow up on assignments from last meeting: Secretary Collyer reported to the board that he and the local
members have been busy spreading the word and Comedy show fliers around the community as well as
accepting donation items for the raffle. He reported that they have a lot of great prizes and that he is
optimistic for a good turnout. Ottmer reported that she has a class that night which is supposed to end at the
same time that the show starts, but might be able to leave early. If not, she expects to only be a few minutes


New Business: Focus on in-person meeting at 1600, 4 November

*Creation of agenda items and itinerary, draft of preliminary agenda for meeting included (Separate
All members seemed fine with the draft agenda for the meeting, noting that we can be flexible
with the discussion based on the feedback from our guests. Newton said that he plans to show up on
November 3rd, being unable to make it in time for the comedy show, but plenty of time to prepare for the in-
person meeting. Newton asked how many people were expected to attend. Collyer replied that he has been
letting the first responder community know and a few stakeholders like the local VFW, the VA outreach
coordinator and the Marine Corps league. But that he did not expect, nor invite large numbers of people like
in meetings past in order to have a better discussion. Newton asked if there were any other smaller venues
that could accommodate our future meetings, adding that the Poncha Springs Town Hall is real nice, but is
probably a larger space than we need. Director Hugle suggested the Hutchison Homestead, which is a nice
newer venue on a historic ranch. Collyer agreed that was a good option and we could look into it as we get
closer to next years’ meeting. Newton then asked about the Brisket for our meeting, Collyer relied that Donald
from the Hunger Junction has offered to smoke it for our meeting at no charge to support our efforts. Collyer
added that his business has always been a big supporter of the RWF and has again donated $250 woth of gift
certificates for our Comedy Show fundraiser.


Critical Path/Structural Discussion for the RWF:
1) Fundraising/Events and Grants: Discussed above.


2) Structural Evolution. Bangura: Bangura absent


3) Advertising/Outreach. Is our Social Media Effective? (Holmes): Assistant Secretary Holmes reported
that social media is going very well and that she has been using our platforms to promote our comedy
show. She has even found funny clips of the specific comedians to post online in order to draw more
interest and these have generated a lot of likes, shares and positive interaction.


4) First Responder Fridays and Managing Director Update(Ottmer): MD Ottmer stated that the program
is still going and evolving. She noted that scheduling can be difficult because FR’s have hard schedules,
so it can be hit or miss. She added that she is doing everything she can to stay flexible and that “We

have touched at least one person from every local organization except for the Salida PD, who continue
to be hard to reach regarding this effort.


5) Task assignments/Action Items and Follow Through:
Members agreed that continued outreach and advertising for our Comedy Show is the top priority.


Financial Update:
Checking Account Balance        $ 277.87
Savings Account Balance:       + 6,364.77
Monetary Assets:                        $6,642.77


10/14/2022 Transferred $2,076.54 to savings check #1104 10/15/22 $90.00 to Riverside Trophies for meeting
Nameplates (Ottmer, Holmes, Hugle). Check #1105 10/20/22 $325.00 to Rocky Mountain Service Dogs for July
2023 Banquet (table for 10)


Anything Else/General Discussion: The conversation turned to other fundraising ideas, such as “Round
up” programs with large retailers, such as Murdoch’s and Wal-Mart. Director Pitts suggested reaching out to
the local fair board to see about a fundraising effort at next year's fair, like a Rodeo Night to benefit the RWF.


Next Meeting: In-Person 11/4/2022

Meeting Adjourned: 1340

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