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The Roy Williams Foundation Meeting Minutes, Meeting 35

Date of Meeting: Meeting 35 5/1/2022 1300 MST

Roll Call:


Chairman: Alhaji Bangura- Present

Vice-Chairman: Dave Newton- Present

Board Members/Directors:

Zach Krause- Present

Kit Steimle- Absent/Funeral

Dexter Pitts- Present/Intermittent/Working

Travis Garvin- Present

Ashley Ottmer- Present



Bret Collyer- Present

Assistant Secretary:

Amber Collyer Holmes- Absent/Working

Call to Order:

Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda?: None


Adoption of Meeting Minutes, Meeting #34 3/27/2022
Note: our last regular meeting on April 10th was used for QPR training


Old Business:

*Two Alternate Director Positions to be filled: Director Ottmer and Secretary Collyer will look
for local Veterans and/or First Responders interested in helping fill the Alternate Director
Position to garner more local representation since the board decided to focus on and grow the
Colorado chapter prior to eventual expansion.


*Logo Change: No discussion


New Business/continuing business:

*Local Scholarship Program: Waiting to receive applications/essays from kids: It was
determined that the only local High School Guidance Counselor was overwhelmed due to short
staffing and currently focused on proctoring State exams. As of now, we’ve received no essays
or inquiries.

*Re-establishing payment link on website: Director Ottmer reported on her research into
hosting companies that could help re-establish a “Donate Now” button on our website at a
reasonable rate. Ottmer reported that ‘There are a lot of different companies out there that
charge for their services. The cheapest one is $39.00 per month, but there is one that doesn’t
charge anything for this service and cater to non-profits’. The “Better World Foundation” is a
better deal as they do not charge for their service. Collyer asked if they carry “Cyber” liability
insurance for their services, she stated that they do. Ottmer added that they provide a sharable
link that could be installed on the RWF website pretty easily. Director Garvin stated that it
sounds like a really good deal, the others concurred and Collyer said he would speak with Cody
(Webmaster) to install it.
Note: Cody installed it in the next few days and it is currently


*Vice Chairman Newton would like to see us “Nail Down” a date for the in-person meeting:
Newton stated that he would like us to work on a solid date for our yearly in-person meeting
with the end of October being the likely timeframe to support the Comedy Club Fundraiser
scheduled for October 26 th . There was some discussion about some possible alternative dates
as the Comedy show fundraiser date is on a Wednesday (middle of the week) which can make it
difficult for members with jobs and kids who need to travel, to attend. With the exception of
Ottmer, Collyer and Holmes all other members will have to travel. Director Garvin stated that
he will be graduated by then and will have a lot more flexibility to travel and should be able to
make it. VC Newton would also most likely be in attendance. Director Krause stated that it
would be tough for him since he has a new, more demanding position with his company, in
addition to his familial commitments. This discussion will be ongoing and all members will try to
attend if possible.


Critical path/Structural Discussion for the RWF:

         1) Fundraising update: Director Ottmer spoke about the upcoming Bowling Tournament
and silent auction fundraiser scheduled for May 28 th . Secretary Collyer asked if he
needed to help with the promotional aspects for the event.? Ottmer replied that Rick
Holland (The owner of the Bowling Alley) has already set up radio advertising and will
include advertising in his usual newspaper ads. Ottmer went on to list some of the items
that have been donated to the silent auction to include a rough rider, American Themed
.22 revolver, A local Veteran owned skateboard company has donated an awesome,
custom skateboard. Over $900 worth of various local gift cards. A $350 gift card from
Integrity Tattoo. As well as “A ton of random stuff” from the local community. Secretary
Collyer stated that he would be happy to help as needed as the date approaches.
Ottmer also spoke about her local training efforts and that she has an “All Hands”

meeting for the Sheriff Dept. and Salida PD regarding Suicide Prevention training. All
members thanked Ottmer for her efforts.


          2) Structure evolution (Bangura):
Bangura would like to have Director Ottmer explain her First Responder Friday program
and her thoughts about effective local outreach.
Ottmer began by explaining that she
has conducted two FRF sessions now and the whole idea has been well received and
appreciated by the First Responder Community. She added that she would like to pursue
a tax-break, if possible, for the Free Trainings (TBD with her tax Professional). She spoke
about flier distribution and QPR training, noting that most of the local departments have
been sending their personnel to the front range for QPR training, so they are very happy
to have a local resource provider. She added that although her FRF program is
appreciated by the FR community, the Undersheriff recently reminded a room full of
deputies that ‘Mental Health Issues can (technically, still) jeopardize their careers’.
Which led to a larger discussion among members about the urgent need to change
these policies nationwide. Ottmer agreed and stated that she completely disagrees with
these policies noting that Mental Health Care is just as important as any other health
care. But in the meantime, she doubles down on the need to maintain confidentiality
with her clients. She spoke of the need to get more Veterans and FR’s interested in
becoming Crisis Interventionalists, since they are more likely to relate to PTSD afflicted
clients. Chairman Bangura stated that Ottmer has really good ideas about how to
effectively provide services to those in need. He added that ‘somebody needs to be able
to make day-to-day decisions for the organization. Secretary Collyer noted that he
learned the other day that there are approximately 45K veteran and FR non profit
organizations currently operating in the US and added that these are difficult issues and
that if it were easy, there wouldn’t be so many trying to find a way to help.
Director Pitts (working) was able to log back in for a few minutes and spoke about his
department’s officers are not only short staffed, working a lot of hours, but that morale
is low at times based on the failure of leadership from the political leaders of the city.
He agreed that the policies (regarding FR mental health care) needed to soften. Ottmer
added that ‘statistics say that 92% of Officers won’t reach out for help due to these
policies, so we need to find a way to reach out to them’. Director Krause spoke about
how “Crisis lines are good, but don’t help enough, we have to find a way to break
through”. He added a story about a recent experience he had with a Veteran friend of
his that ended tragically. He has’ been reflecting a lot lately adding that he has been
quiet, but nobody should take it personally. All members reminded him that ‘we are
here for you if you need us’.

          3) Advertising/outreach, Is our social media effective (Holmes): Holmes absent


          4) Training opportunities update (Ottmer): Covered above

Financial Update: Collyer reviewed the finances as follows:
Checking Account Balance:          $46.39
Savings Account Balance     + $4,587.69
Monetary Assets:                       $4,634.08
Paid: Credit Card bill. Check #1097 for $279.54 for DeWalt toolkit for Toyota Landcruiser event


*Anything Else/general discussion:
Comedy Club Fundraiser October 28: Covered above


*Executive Session to include Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary Treasurer: To discuss
evolution options and strategies to present to the larger Board at the next meeting.


Vice Chairman Newton moved to enter into an executive Session, there were multiple seconds
and a unanimous vote.

*Next Meeting: May 5 (TBD)


*Meeting Adjourned:

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