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The Roy Williams Foundation Meeting Minutes, Meeting 30  

Date of Meeting: Meeting 30 12/5/2021 1300 MST

Roll Call:


Chairman: Alhaji Bangura- Mostly Absent-Driving

Vice-Chairman: Dave Newton- Present

Board Members:

Zach Krause- Present

Kit Steimle- Present/spotty cell service

Matthew Anderson- Present

Dexter Pitts- Absent/working called in after

Travis Garvin- Present



Bret Collyer- Present


Assistant Secretary:


Alternates: 2 Vacancies



Alternate Director Candidate: Ashley Ottmer- Present

Call to Order.

Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda?: Chairman Bangura was present via cell phone
right at the beginning and stated that he would quickly lose service, but stated that he and Vice
Chairman Newton had communicated at length about the meeting topics. After losing Bangura,
Newton took charge of the meeting and stated that he thought we should table the website
discussion as the changes were still being considered by Bangura.


Adoption of Meeting Minutes, Meeting #29 11/21/2021: Vice Chairman Newton made a
motion to approve the minutes, Director Garvin seconded, the vote to approve the minutes as
written was unanimous.


Old Business:

Fundraising Letter Draft Review: Chairman Bangura (out of service, driving) provided the Board
a draft of the new fundraising letter that he created. All agreed that the draft was very good as
written, simple, and to the point. Secretary Collyer agreed and asked members “Whether or not
we should place the logo on the letter before sending it out”? Director Krause responded that
he is not opposed to the idea, but he wondered if the logo was too complex as it stands now,
noting that ‘there is a lot of detail in our current logo that is hard to reproduce, especially on
hats and t-shirts”. Director Anderson agreed, stating that another organization he works with
creates t-shirts and that the more detailed the graphics, the more difficult it is to maintain
quality. Vice-Chairman Newton added that he believes that we should change the logo, finding
a way to make it more simple, but keeping it meaningful. Director Steimle (the original logo
creator) stated that he is good with either changing it or keeping it the same. He added that
either way it should be ‘professionally done by a real graphic artist’ to make it easier to

recreate. He added that he ‘knows a guy that could help us with that. A general discussion
ensued, after which Director Garvin added that ‘we should think about it and discuss it at our
next meeting. Vice-Chairman Newton agreed, stating that we should keep it simple and asked
everyone to give it some thought before the next meeting and we will place it on the agenda.


Updates to Bylaws: Secretary Collyer has typed up the proposed changes and distributed them
to members for review:
Secretary Collyer asked members if they had a chance to review the
proposed changes to the bylaws, all members said that they had. Director Garvin stated that he
likes them as written, Directors Krause, Anderson, and Steimle agreed. Collyer added that these
changes better reflect the reality of how we had been operating the RWF and that they allow a
great latitude in how we do business. Members were satisfied that they were acceptable so
Vice-Chairman Newton made a motion to accept the bylaws as written, with multiple seconds.
A vote was held and the vote was unanimous.


New Business/continuing business:

Consider Ashley Ottmer for Alternate Director Position: Letter of Interest and qualifications
received and distributed to members for review:
Secretary Collyer asked Mrs. Ottmer to
introduce herself and tell us a little bit about herself. She thanked members for considering her
for a position on the RWF. She then spoke for a few minutes, describing how she grew up with
a father in the military and her background in the military as well as her experiences with PTSD
and after a career in ophthalmology, became interested in helping people who are struggling
with these issues. She noted that she specializes in trauma and how she practices multiple
approaches to help people deal with it professionally at her business (Spruce Creek Counseling).
Director Anderson asked her to describe the basic clientele she helps at her practice, she
responded that she ‘gets a little bit of everything from serious trauma to less serious matters.
She noted that she has had her own private practice for 1-1/2 years now and finds it to be very
fulfilling and added that she would like to focus more on helping first responders, adding that
her husband is a Captain for the Salida Fire Department. Director Krause stated that he is very
appreciative of her willingness to join the RWF and spoke about his Wife working toward her
degrees in mental health services, noting how long, difficult and expensive it is to achieve them.
After some back and forth, Collyer asked her to briefly describe EMDR (Eye movement
desensitization and reprocessing) treatment as well as the process of “Brain spotting”. She
carefully walked members through each topic giving the basic ideas and benefits to each
method noting that EMDR ties in nicely with ophthalmology, whereas brain spotting is less
scripted. Collyer then asked her if she could help find beginner classes and methods to help
train members to better deal with clients they will likely interact with? She stated that she
could, but it will require some research. Collyer added that Director Steimle has been working
on this aspect of our mission for us, but his phone kept cutting out for the meeting. After this
conversation Vice-Chairman Netwon made a motion to appoint Mrs. Ottmer to an Alternate
Director Position, the motion was seconded by Director Anderson and the vote was unanimous.

All members thanked Mrs. Ottmer for her interest in helping us. Note: Later, the next day as a

group text there was minor clarification between what Director Steimle was working on and
how to integrate his findings and ideas into Alternate Director Ottmer’s efforts.


Critical path/Structural Discussion for the RWF:

1) Finances/Fundraising update (Krause): It was discussed earlier in the meeting (under Old
Business) that Chairman Bangura had produced a new fundraising letter. This discussion
was then tabled until Chairman Bangura could be present.


2) Structure evolution (Bangura): Item Skipped

3) Recruitment plan: Item skipped

4) Advertising: Item Skipped

5) Training opportunities (Steimle): Steimle’s phone cut out


Financial Update:
Checking Account Balance:        $ 300.00
Savings Account Balance:      + $4,937.45
Total Monetary Assets:               $5,237.45


Collyer stated that he had clearly made a simple addition error in the financial report for the
last meeting in the amount of
($558.51) and noted that this month’s numbers are correct. He
apologized for his mistake, joking that “You guys have a Secretary/Treasurer that can’t count”.
Members jokingly admonished Collyer to be more careful in the future.


*Anything Else/general discussion: Secretary Collyer informed Alternate Director Ottmer that
he will send her a COI policy to review and a required form to fill out as well as a picture to be
placed on the website, so clients get a sense of who they will be dealing with when they reach
out for help. Collyer also noted that he would finalize the Bylaws and send them to Chairman
Bangura for his signature, then once he receives them back from Bangura, he would make
copies and mail them to all members.


*Next Meeting:


*Meeting Adjourned: 1355

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