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The Roy Williams Foundation Meeting Minutes, Meeting 27


Date of Meeting:  Minutes 27 9/26/2021 1400 MST

Type of meeting: Live, Internet, Zoom


Roll Call:

Chairman: Zach Crevier- Present

Vice-Chairman: Dave Newton- Present​


Board Members:

Zach Krause- Present

Alhaji Bangura- Present

Kit Steimle- Present

Dr. Michelle Flores- Absent

Matthew Anderson- Present


Bret Collyer- Present

Assistant Secretary:

Hailey Steimle- Absent


Dexter Pitts- Absent/Excused

Travis Garvin- Absent/Excused




Call to Order.

Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda?
Chairman Crevier’s official resignation at any point during the meeting. At his discretion.
Note: If at beginning of meeting, skip to New Business.

Chairman Crevier opened the meeting and asked if anyone had any changes to the agenda.
Director Steimle asked if anyone “Has heard from Director Flores”? All replied that they had not
heard from her. Secretary Collyer summarized her attendance since she was brought on as a
Director on 1/10/21, mtg. 17 as attending, on time, two out of the last nine meetings, with
today’s meeting being eight meetings missed out of ten. Collyer reminded the Directors that we
added an amendment to our Bylaws to deal with attendance issues, located on our
amendments page as follows: Amendments page, Amendment 1(B): If a Board Member or an
Alternate Board Member misses four consecutive meetings with no communication, valid
reason or explanation for such absence the Board-Member or Alternate Board Member will be
considered “Resigned” from his or her duties. This member will then be replaced by the 1 st
Alternate, in the case of a “Resigned” Board Member. With the second Alternate being
promoted to first Alternate and the search for a replacement Alternate will begin. All of these
matters will be handled at the discretion of the Chairman or Vice-Chair and by the consent of
the Board by a majority vote. (Adopted 1/2/20). Director Steimle made a motion to remove
Director Flores based on her non-performance. Motion was seconded by Director Krause. A
vote was called and the outcome was unanimous. Secretary Collyer was directed to let Flores
know that she is no longer a Director or representative of the RWF and to politely ask her to
dispose of her business cards and to thank her for her help and interest in our organization.
Director Steimle then mentioned that “I think we need to do the same for (Assistant Secretary)
Haley (Steimle, his daughter). Because she obviously no longer has time to serve in that
capacity with her work and school”. Director Steimle made the motion, which was seconded by
Krause and the vote was unanimous. Secretary Collyer mentioned that Haley Steimle was

helping him by checking the email for the RWF everyday and that he would struggle to find time
to do so. Director Steimle said that he would be happy to take over that responsibility from her.


Adoption of Meeting Minutes, Meeting #26 9/10/2021 In-Person: Crevier made a motion to
adopt the minutes as written for meeting number 26, the motion was seconded by Directors
Bangura and Anderson before being adopted by a unanimous vote.


Crevier then announced that at this time, he would like to make his resignation official and
added that he may like to come back some day as time allowed. A discussion was then had
regarding all of our previous members in good standing that would be welcomed back in some
capacity and always welcome at our meetings and events.


Jump ahead to new business


Old Business: After new and continuing business
Review of 9-11 20-year event:
Secretary Collyer noted that the event was well received and appreciated by the community.
The publicity was helpful and that letter was published by a community member expressing her
gratitude to the RWF


What went right? The VFW and American Legion did a great job with the flag and remembrance
ceremonies. The Planning and execution of the speakers as well as their message was spot-on.
So was the teamwork before, during and after the event. The food was excellent and so was the
gratitude shown by attendees. All of the local Veterans organizations were represented and so
were most of the First Responder Organizations.


What can we do better next time? The event was billed as “Sponsored By the RWF” as opposed
to being a “Fundraiser for the RWF” and although the food was good, the catering was really
expensive. Although we fed the Veterans and first responders for no charge, we should plan on
a more affordable model for future events.


New Business/continuing business

*Nominating/Election procedures for Chairman. Director Steimle made a motion to nominate
Director Bangura to serve as Chairman for the organization. There were multiple seconds for
the motion and a vote was held, which was unanimous. (new) Chairman Bangura thanked
members for their support and added that “We need to be sure to transition well, so we don’t
become a country club organization that meets once per year, but doesn’t really focus on
achieving our goals”.


*And/or Vice Chairman if Newton is promoted.
Newton was retained as Vice-Chairman with no discussion.


*And/Or replacing Board member if someone elected Chairman creating a vacancy, with an
Chairman Bangura began the discussion by stating that with the dismissals of Flores
and Steimle, that there are two vacancies to fill. Secretary Collyer noted (incorrectly) that since
Steimle was an assistant Secretary that there was only one Director vacancy to fill. He then
reiterated the nominating process, noting that either Alternate Garvin or Alternate Pitts could
be chosen, but that neither one was in attendance for this meeting (Pitts had to leave the call
earlier). Vice Chairman Newton asked if ‘Anyone had spoken to Pitts about his interest in being
a director’? Secretary Collyer said that Pitts called him earlier in the day to inform him that he
might not be available for the entire meeting. Collyer relayed to him the possibility that he may
be considered for a Director Position since Crevier would most likely resign and Pitts was ok
with it. Vice-Chairman Newton then asked if anyone had heard from Garvin? Collyer said that
he received a text from Garvin that he would be unable to attend the meeting because he
would be on a plane during the meeting, then contact was lost. Director Krause then stated that
he didn’t believe that Garvin would have the time in the short term due to his ongoing
education and work responsibilities. A short discussion was had until Director Steimle made a
motion to nominate Alternate Pitts to fill the Director position that was previously held by
Flores. Director Krause seconded. The vote was unanimous. Vice Chairman Newton stated that
we now have an opening for a new Alternate. Secretary Collyer mentioned that a while back,
we received an email from Chris Brewer from Orange Texas, which he previously shared with
the group. Brewer served with some of the members including Crevier and Newton in Iraq and
is now in Law Enforcement with a focus on Peer Support and Mental Health. The conversation
about replacing Flores was had with Chairman Bangura suggesting that he believed that we
should try to find a female to replace Flores to maintain a diversity of perspectives in our
mission. A consensus emerged agreeing with him, and a few members stated that they know a
few qualified females who might be interested in helping us. Bangura added that most
importantly, we need to assess what value the candidates could bring to the organization.
Director Steimle asked for a reassessment of how the RWF became focused on ‘Peer Support’
and how that approach became our goal. Secretary Collyer replied that (Former) Director Flores
steered us in that direction (what she believed was) as a good first step in our training and was
supposed to facilitate and/or train us as a group. (Former) Chairman Crevier even got us all set
up on a Microsoft “Teams” program for training purposes that we never used. Collyer added
that now that Flores hasn’t come through for us and has been dismissed, this could all be re-
evaluated and we could come up with another direction for training if the Directors decide to.
Chairman Bangura stated that we need to be careful about our next steps and come up with a
model to hold people more accountable. Director Steimle stated that he would be happy to
look into training that would make sense for us at this point and reiterated the various positions
he held throughout his Professional Law Enforcement career pertaining to peer support and
mental health outreach etc. All expressed gratitude to him for picking up this responsibility.


Financial Update:

Secretary Collyer led the group through the finances as follows

Checking Balance
Ledger balance
Savings Account Balance:
Total Monetary Assets: $11,491.08

Expenditures: Riverside Trophies-Director Flores nameplate           $30.00
Ship-N-Things $50.00 color copies, event fliers.                                $50.00
Settings Event Rental $194.75 Sound system for event.                  $194.75
Tony’s Restaurant- Breakfast Burritos                                                   $30.00
Change for event cashbox                                                                  $100.00
Drinks and cookies for event                                                               $165.33
Catering                                                                                               $6600.00
Troxel Hotel                                                                                           $325.00
Troxel Travel/Rental Car                                                                     $1200.00
Story Speaking Fee                                                                          +  $300.00


Donations made towards event and day of:                                   -$2648.00

                Net Cost of Event:                                                            ($6,347.08)


Checking Account Balance:    $1,262.22

Savings Account Balance:       $4,399.47
Total Monetary Assets:            $5,661.69

*Anything Else/general discussion: Vice Chairman Newton asked what happened to all of the
Generic Business cards that (Director) Steimle had presented at the meeting. Secretary Collyer
stated that “Everybody left without them, they were left on the meeting table” and added that
he would mail some to everyone. Secretary Collyer also stated that (Now) Director Pitts had
asked Collyer to see about moving the regular RWF meetings up by 2 hours as it currently
conflicts with another regularly scheduled meeting he must attend. Other members said they
would consider see about rearranging their Sundays to accommodate Pitts’ request.
The focus
of the meeting then shifted to the changes underway with new leadership.
Vice Chairman
Newton stated that at the next meeting, we should “Brainstorm goals for the end of the year
and then push it to next year and the following years so we are not just bumbling along”.
Director Steimle suggested that we need to be talking about fundraising every meeting and ‘re-
up’ all GoFundMe efforts every month. Chairman Bangura stated that ‘Our first goal is to find
candidates for replacing our Alternates’. He added that we also need to set ambitious

fundraising goals and make it hard for us, adding that we need to really challenge ourselves.
Next, we need to increase our publicity with targeted advertising campaigns and fundraising
letters. Bangura added that we also need to get serious about committees and assignments for
them. Director Steimle added that would help increase accountability among members and
make sure people are following up on their commitments. Secretary Collyer reminded
members that our founding documents were written to accommodate Committees of all types
and they should be reviewed by everybody and that new committees could be created as
needed, at the Board’s discretion. Bangura added that, in essence, when the organization is
running properly, the bi-weekly meeting should function as a forum for ‘status-updates’ and
decision making. Bangura stated that he was looking at the website recently and would like to
see it reconfigured and that we may need to take another look at changing our mission
statement to better reflect our evolving mission. Secretary Collyer suggested that members
think about the changes they would like to see made to the website and we could discuss them
at the next meeting and come up with one list that he could present to Cody (Web-master) to
work from to make the changes.


Director Anderson addressed the Board, stating that he was grateful to the board for being
patient with him through the busy summer season. Noting that his obligations, both
professionally and personally through his volunteer service are extensive. Now that Summer is
over, his schedule is flattening out and he should be more available. Secretary Collyer replied
that the main difference between Anderson and Flores is that Anderson stays in contact with
members and communicates when he will not be available for meetings, whereas Flores more
or less “Ghosted” the members by not communicating at all unless either himself or Director
Steimle ran into her locally. Anderson also spoke about his desire to see the Board re-visit
group reading projects such as “On Killing” By Dave Grossman as a way to better prepare
ourselves for encounters with Veterans and First Responders in crisis. Vice Chairman Newton
responded that it was a worthwhile read and agreed that this topic should be an ongoing


Chairman Bangura stated that he was going to be on CSM Troxell’s podcast very soon and he
would help spread the word about the RWF, network with like-minded people and find other
ways to generate publicity for the organization. Bangura then reiterated that going forward, our
goals would be to focus on fundraising, publicity and committee assignments.


Collyer mentioned that since Assistant Secretary Steimle is no longer in a position to help the
RWF that we should also look for somebody to fill the Assistant Secretary position in the event
that he has to miss a meeting, the meeting could go on without him. He also thanked Director
Steimle for checking the email everyday going forward.


*Next Meeting 10/10/21

*Meeting Adjourned 1501

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