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The Roy Williams Foundation Meeting Minutes, Meeting 26


Date of Meeting 26 Minutes 9/10/2021 5:00pm MST
Type of Meeting: In Person, Poncha Springs, Co. Town Hall


Roll Call:

Chairman: Zach Crevier- Present

Vice Chairman: Dave Newton- Present

Board Members:

Zach Krause- Absent

Alhaji Bangura- Present

Kit Steimle- Present 

Dr. Michelle Flores- Absent

Matthew Anderson- Absent


Bret Collyer- Present

Assistant Secretary:

Hailey Steimle- Absent 


Dexter Pitts- Absent

Travis Garvin- Present


CSM Troxell (possible)- Absent

Jim Storey- Present 

Call to Order.

Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda? none


Adoption of Meeting Minutes, Meeting #25 8/22/2021


Old Business:
None expected unless verbally mentioned by member. So the Board of Directors can focus on
9/11 memorial event.
No old business discussed.


New Business/continuing business

*”Critical Thinkers” Veterans group having an event/Poker Run, in the San Luis valley, we are a
northern destination, they may send some riders. Bret will have more info to share (A.I.M.
together campaign), “Rally in the Valley”.
Chairman Crevier asked Secretary Collyer about the
Critical Thinkers Group. Secretary Collyer replied that he and his Wife met the founder of this
group at the hot springs a few weeks ago. They began talking about Veterans and he spoke of a
weeklong 9-11 memorial event to be held in the San Luis Valley during this week. Their
approach to helping Veterans is similar to ours (RWF) in the sense that they are trying to think
‘outside the box’ to find ways to help veterans who fall through the cracks of the system. They
envision starting a new community specifically geared to the needs of disassociated Veterans
with varying degrees of physical and/or mental problems. Director Bangura asked ‘where would
they find affordable property for their new community’? Collyer replied ‘They are based in the
San Luis Valley, some of the cheapest land in Colorado is about a 20-minute drive from here’.
Director Steimle added that it is mostly sand and scrub-brush, but it is affordable in comparison

to the rest of Colorado, because it is literally an old lake bed. Collyer mentioned that they are
offering a poker-card for their attendees to visit our Poncha Springs event tomorrow, we have
no way to know if or how many attendees to expect.


*Friday, September 11th 20-year Memorial Event schedule. (Included in packets)


*We may need a Master of Ceremonies (MC) to fill in and informational purposes.
Director Steimle agreed to be MC for the event.


A discussion of the Order of events can be summarized as follows:


Order of Events And Approximate Times

*0830: Muster at the Poncha Springs Veterans Memorial to coordinate
with the VFW for events.


*0900: Memorial Ceremony at the Memorial site then travel to Town
Hall to coordinate event. “Honors for Deceased and First Responders”
National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, prayer, taps, rifle volleys etc.
*1000: Flag Ceremony at Poncha Springs Town Hall. (same as above)
After; retire the squads.


*1015: Speaker, Director Steimle (to share thoughts and introduce Jim


*1045: Guest Speaker Jim Storey, Bronze Star Recipient, Vietnam.

*1115: Speaker, Director Bangura (To share thoughts and introduce


*1125: Guest Speaker, CSM Troxell (Duration TBD) Troxell (or other) to
invite all to lunch with Veterans and First Responders through the line
first at no charge. All others after with a suggested donation of $15


*1200: Lunch/conversation


*1400: Conclusion (Informal) Cleanup begins (Don’t Feel obligated to


*After Party TBD. Crevier needs a ride to DIA


*Anything Else/general discussion:

There are other logistical considerations that need to happen as follows:

*Pick up sound system (Bret) and figure it out.

*Pick up tables and chairs from County Fairgrounds (Jesse and Brayden)

*Drinks, Ice and Cookies from Lagrees (Shawn)- Need a stock tank.

*Taking Money (Dee and Jenna)

*Help for caterers (TBD)

After discussion it was determined that Secretary Collyer and Director Steimle would skip the
first Veterans Memorial Service in order to begin coordinating and set things up at the Poncha
Springs Town hall for the larger event.


Financial Update:
Secretary Collyer led the group through the finances as follows


Checking Balance              $4,441.47
Ledger balance                  $4,091.61
Savings Account Balance: $7,399.47
Total Monetary Assets:    $11,491.08


Expenditures: Riverside Trophies $30.00-Director Flores nameplate
Director Steimle, Business card reimbursement $86.91
Ship-N-Things $50.00 color copies, event fliers.
Settings Event Rental $194.75 Sound system for event.


*Director Bangura mentioned that he was a little confused by the way Secretary Collyer
presented the finances, noting that as the numbers are presented above, it appears that we
have almost $16k in the bank. All agreed that this was a little confusing, Collyer conceded that
he could see where the confusion sprang from and that he would present the numbers
differently in the future in order to avoid the confusion.


Chairman Crevier then led a discussion about financial projections for our in-person event.

Projected Expenditures:
Catering                +/- $6600.00 (planned for 300 people)
Drinks/ice                 +/-$500.00
Event Advertising         $780.00
$7,880.00 Anticipated Expenditures


*Expected Revenue unknown. Veterans and First Responders eat free (+/- 100?)

*All others $15 each 200x$15=$3000.00 I have been contacted by multiple people who cannot
attend, but still would like to donate. We also anticipate some will not donate and others will
donate generously…… We shall see.


*Menu: Smoked Baby back ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken breasts. Potato Salad, ranch
beans, mac-n-cheese, dinner rolls etc.
*Plates, plastic ware, bbq sauce on them.
*Drinks and desert on us.


Members expressed concern about expenditures for the event with Secretary Collyer reminding
them that ‘we need to be spending money on our mission as opposed to simply putting money
in the bank.' He added that since this is our only in-person event this year, we will have to
spend money on it, we will make the money back if not at the event, then with future
fundraising efforts. A conversation about fundraising events developed with Vice Chairman
Newton laying out a plan for a “Rifle Raffle” with Director Steimle volunteering to speak to the
owner of our local gun shop to set something up. Ideas about other efforts included Bike raffles
and raft trips etc. This will be an ongoing discussion.


*Next Meeting:
Crevier to talk about future endeavors: Chairman Crevier announced that he was going to have
to resign as Chairman due to his being reassigned to Fort Wainright Army Base in Alaska. He
added that he is not certain that he would be able to commit the time necessary to fully attend
to his responsibilities as Chairman, or continue on as a Director. He stated that his last meeting
would be September 26 th . All expressed gratitude to Crevier for ‘getting us this far’ noting that
his leadership has been appreciated and that he would be missed. Secretary Collyer informed
the Board about the procedures to be followed to replace the Chairman. It would consist of a
formal nominating process between the Directors, requiring a second and a vote to replace the
chairman and if Vice Chairman Newton becomes Chairman, the same procedure would follow
to fill the Vice Chairman Vacancy. Or a reaffirmation of Newton as Vice Chairman. Collyer
encouraged all to think about whom they may nominate and discussing it with them prior to
the meeting to gage interest.


*Meeting Adjourned

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