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The Roy Williams Foundation Meeting Minutes, Meeting 19


Date of Meeting 2/20/2021 2:00pm MST

Type of meeting: Live, Internet, Zoom

Roll Call:

Chairman: Zach Crevier- Present

Vice Chairman: Dave Newton- Present/Absent (tech problems)

Board Members:

Zach Krause- Present

Alhaji Bangura- Present

Kit Steimle- Present

Dr. Michelle Flores- Absent

Matthew Anderson- Present



Bret Collyer- Present

Assistant Secretary:

Hailey Steimle- Absent


Matthew White- Absent


Mr. Dexter Pitts- Present

Call to Order.

Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda? None

Adoption of Meeting Minutes, Meeting #18 held on 1/24/2021:
Crevier made a motion, seconded by Krause. Vote was unanimous.


Old Business:
*Database/Spreadsheet progress: Director Steimle updated members on the progress of our
contractor that is working on creating our spreadsheet/database of Veterans and First
responder mental health and support organizations. Steimle stated that there are a lot of
organizations out there and it is a large project. They are making progress, but he expects the
contractor to be finished with the effort by our next meeting.


*Update Bylaws to include new members: Secretary Collyer informed members that he has not
yet completed the process of updating our bylaws and has instead been working on filling out
insurance forms after his Wife’s Injuries due to her horse accident during our January 24 th
(during 18th meeting). He hopes to have the updates completed by our next meeting.


*Still waiting on a few members to complete COI forms for 2021: Secretary Collyer informed
the Board that a few members have yet to complete their Conflict-of-Interest forms. Notably;
Vice Chairman Newton, Alternate White and Assistant Secretary Steimle


*Business cards for Flores (Pitts): Director Steimle will work with Michelle (and Pitts) to get
their business cards completed, then will submit an invoice to RWF for reimbursement.


New Business

*Consider Dexter Pitts for Alternate Board Position: Chairman Crevier thanked Mr. Pitts for
joining us for the meeting and invited him to tell the group about himself. Mr. Pitts briefly

spoke of his life and experiences while serving in the military. As did many others, he joined the
Army after 9/11/2001. He was almost killed in Iraq by an IED and was gravely injured,
experiencing many surgeries and a very long road to recovery. This recovery time included
multiple ‘low points’ with depression while battling the long-term effects of PTSD affecting
himself and his family. During one low-point, while serving as a Police officer for the Louisville
Metro Police Department (Iron Man detail). He was approached and inspired by his Police
Sergeant, a former Marine, who saw that he was struggling. With his help, he was able to turn
his life around and continued his lifelong pursuit of service to others. He served a short-stint
with the Border Patrol, but witnessed his former colleagues in the LMPD under siege by the civil
unrest (riots), and decided to return home to help them. Mr. Pitts was excited about the
pending release of his first book, titled “I am Pitts”. He further relayed that he was very exited
and honored to be considered for a permanent, leadership role with the RWF. All thanked Mr.
Pitts for his service and interest.


Chairman Crevier offered a motion to invite Dexter Pitts to serve as an Alternate for the RWF.
Director Steimle seconded; all members voted in the affirmative. Mr. Pitts accepted and was
welcomed by all members. Secretary Collyer informed Alternate Pitts, that he would be sending
him a COI statement and form to fill out and return. And mentioned that he could look to the
RWF website for more information about the organization and how we have progressed to
where we are at and to feel free to contact him (Collyer) for more information or questions.


*Other Alternates? Members discussed other possible candidates who might be interested in
serving in an alternate role. Director Krause mentioned “Garvin” (whom had been mentioned
previously) would love to join us, but he is finishing up graduate school which is taking a lot of
time and energy. All agreed that they will continue looking for interested persons.


*Member Reading List: “On Killing” What Else? Since Director Flores was absent, this
discussion was abbreviated. Secretary Collyer suggested considering Alternate Pitts’ upcoming
book “I am Pitts” as soon as it is released, this discussion will continue.


Financial Update: Secretary Collyer relayed the following Financial Update to the Board.
Checking Balance: beginning: $1,024.02 –]
New Checks                                   
-$36.51 (Address Change)
Check # 1006                              
- $125.04 (Yearly Mailbox renewal)
Ending checking Balance            $862.47


Savings Balance: $6533.27 ($2000.00 donation from Local Elks Lodge)
Total monetary assets: $7,395.74


*Secretary Collyer just paid $270.00 via C.C. for Website renewal (Wix) receipt received. Would
seek reimbursement, Crevier to sign check.


Anything else?
2021 In-person meeting discussion: Chairman Crevier discussed the possibility of moving our
yearly meeting to the second week in September with the hopes of better weather and possible
hunting adventures. All agreed that this would be a better timeframe, since the weather was so
cold and windy for the last meeting. Secretary Collyer asked all members if they would like him
to send them 2021 Colorado Hunting brochures, to begin planning possible hunting
expeditions. Almost all members were interested.


Alternate White? Secretary Collyer asked members how, or if they wanted to address the lack
of attendance by Alternate White. Chairman Crevier noted that he is usually out of the service
area and most likely would attend if he had better connectivity. All agreed that they value his
input when he is able to attend and would like for him to stay on and find a way to attend more
meetings. Director Steimle noted that his position is important and (him not participating)
‘takes away from somebody else who might want to participate’. Chairman Crevier stated that
he would keep trying to contact White to seek better attendance.


Secretary Collyer mentioned that the “Donate Now” button on the website, as ‘cool as it is’ is
turning into more of a liability than it is worth, with all of the time consuming security
procedures that he struggles to understand and administer. As well as the fact that the monthly
‘service charges’ are adding up and beginning to clearly outweigh the income that the button
generates. Collyer noted further, that most ‘serious donors and organizations are wary of
internet transactions anyway and tend to mail checks directly to us to avoid possible security
issues’. Collyer suggested that the Board should consider de-activating the button. All members
agreed that Collyer should look into de-activating the button.


Next Meeting:

Tentatively March 7.


Meeting Adjourned:

2:35 pm.

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