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Roy Williams Foundation Meeting Minutes, Meeting 14 


Date of Meeting 10/18/20 @ 2:00 pm MST
Type of meeting: Live, Internet, Zoom


Roll Call:
Chairman: Zach Crevier-present
Vice Chairman: David Newton- Present


Board Members:
Zach Krause-Present
Alhaji Bangura- Absent (surgery recovery)
Kit Steimle-Present


Matt White-absent
Matthew Anderson-absent


Bret Collyer-Present


Assistant Secretary:
Haley Steimle-absent


Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda? None

Adoption of meeting minutes, meeting 14, held on 10/18/2020
Chairman Crevier made a motion to adopt the meeting minutes, Vice Chair Newton seconded, minutes
were adopted unanimously.


Old Business:
November Meeting discussion:


*Meeting-small agenda, mostly introductory information start-time 4:30 pm. Dinner 5:30. Secretary
Collyer suggested that we move the meeting start time to 4:00 to give the audience more time to ask
questions and the caterers more time to set up the meal. All agreed that we should prepare a light
agenda in order to focus on introducing our organization to the community and receive input.


*Need a close head-count: Will be a work in progress. Board Member Bangura is recovering from back
surgery and most likely would be unable to attend and Alternate member Anderson has a previously
scheduled obligation on that date. Board Member Steimle has a home in Salida. Assistant Secretary
Steimle will most likely be in Kentucky.


*Menu: Main Course, Smoked Brisket, sides TBD.

*Housing/activity/adventures/4-wheeling/camping/hotsprings/kids, what would you guys like to do
while in the area?
Vice Chairman Newton suggested that he and White would be happy enough to
camp at the Angel K Ranch. He asked Collyer if his camper was available and fully functional. Collyer said
that it was available, fully functional, sleeps 10 and that they would be welcome to use it. Collyer stated
that he would ask Mr. Krebs (Angel K Ranch owner) if it would be ok if members camped on his property.
(Full Disclosure: Collyer leases the Angel K Ranch from Mr. Krebs as part of his cattle operation) Collyer
doubted that Mr. Krebs would object, since Newton and White camped there one night over the
summer with no problems. Chairman Crevier and Board member Krause also liked the idea.


*The “Donate Now” button works on the website. Chairman Crevier confirmed it by informing members
that his mother just made a generous $200 donation. Collyer asked if she might prefer a receipt, or if the
receipt generated by the system would be adequate. Crevier replied that the system generated receipt
should be adequate.


New Business:

*Chairman Crevier reported on a new phone app for suicide prevention called “Objective Zero” that
seems to be working well and helping a lot of people. Crevier said that he would get the information to
Collyer and we would place the number on the website under the “Crisis Intervention Resources”


Guest Speaker: Mackenzie Krause (Board member Krause’s Wife) is attending Graduate School at
Indiana State University. She is completing her practicum (internship) through the Veterans
Administration, in the mental-health case-worker field. Specifically at the South Bend Indiana, VA
Supportive Housing department, helping to place Homeless Veterans in appropriate housing.


Mackenzie described the mental health professional structure as complex with a lot of different avenues
and possibilities and it would be difficult to follow. Members indicated that they understood and
appreciated her attempts to simplify the information. To begin the discussion, Secretary Collyer asked
the first question.


What are the basic Levels of Mental Health Professional credentials?
Mackenzie explained as follows:


1) Standard Crisis Intervention Certifications is the first step. Many of these classes are offered locally,
don’t take very long, often at no charge and there are usually online classes available as well.


2) To become a licensed social worker, A Bachelors or Masters Degree is required. These degrees can
take up to four years of schooling and three years Graduate work with significant expense to the
student, even if grants and scholarships are obtained. This also requires a minimum commitment of
3000 hours of internship under a licensed practitioner organization (Which is what Mackenzie is working
on now).


3) To obtain a Doctorate in Psychology level certification, which most “Therapists” have acquired, can
take several years. These Certifications can include the authority to prescribe psychotropic medicines
and can encompass many years of education and internships/practice.


Members had a general discussion about the next steps for our organization. Secretary Collyer
suggested that we should consider getting a phone number and passing “on-call” responsibilities among
members on a rotational basis. With the idea being that ‘after we pull the client back from the edge, we
would refer them to a local agency that can further help them’. Vice Chairman Newton suggested that
prior to that, we should all get ourselves certified in basic Crisis Intervention. He added that he would
continue to research insurance needs for the organization.


State Reciprocity or National Standards? (Mackenzie): There are basic National Standards and state
regulations can vary a little bit, but are more or less the same.


*Grant Writing considerations, possible help? (Mackenzie): Anybody can write a grant, there are
Federal, State and Local Grants available. I suggest that you try to find someone with a Master’s Degree
to write grants. I have found the contact information for the VA in Salida, the Transition and
Care/Suicide prevention Manager can be reached at 719-539-8666 (name?). Chairman Crevier added
that he has somebody in mind that has a lot of experience and will be happy to help us with Grant

Writing. Secretary Collyer noted that Assistant Secretary Steimle has been researching grants that may
be a benefit to the organization.


*Other Questions? There were no other questions for Mackenzie, all members thanked her for her time
and help. She replied that she is happy to help at any time.


*Business card stationary:

Board Member Steimle has designed some nice business cards, what are the next steps? Steimle said
that he needs to know whether or not members wanted their personal phone numbers, titles and e-
mails on the cards, or leave them ‘generic’? Members agreed to have their personal information on the
cards. Secretary Collyer said that he would send the information to Steimle. Steimle stated he would
finish the cards and have them produced and would save the receipts for reimbursements from the
organization. All members thanked him for his efforts.


Other Business: Volunteer needed to research other Veteran/First Responder Non-Profits and/or
Mental Health treatment centers. To include name, location, mission, contact info for our referral
database. Bret will design a spreadsheet to facilitate findings. With the understanding that after initial
contact with a client, we would refer them to a local treatment facility for further treatment/help.
Chairman Crevier has volunteered to take the assignment.


*Assistant Secretary Steimle is researching grant opportunities the RWF may pursue.

Financial Update: Secretary Collyer informed the members that our savings account balance was
currently at $3,427.08 and our checking account balance is at $662.74 Collyer stated that he expects the
balances to begin growing now that the donate now button is active and the word of our organization
will begin to spread.


Anything Else? Secretary Collyer stated that since we have our meeting date figured out that he would
begin creating and producing promotional fliers/materials and create a news release, which he would
then share with members for input prior to publication. He would also write a new fundraising letter to
better reflect the evolution of our organization.


Meeting Adjourned @ 3:11 pm

Next meeting on Sunday, November 1 st at 2:00 pm.

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