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Roy Williams Foundation Meeting Minutes, Meeting 12 


Date of Meeting 8/23/20 @ 2:00 pm MST
Type of meeting: Live, Internet, Zoom


Roll Call:
Chairman: Zach Crevier- absent (medical)
Vice Chairman: David Newton- Present


Board Members:
Zach Krause-Present
Alhaji Bangura- Absent (travel)
Kit Steimle-Present


Matt White-absent


Bret Collyer-Present


Assistant Secretary:
Haley Steimle-absent


Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda? Since Chairman Crevier was among the absent, Vice-
Chairman Newton chaired the meeting. Due to limited attendance, all present agreed to turn the
meeting into a work session to discuss strategy issues.


Adoption of meeting minutes, meeting 11, held on 8/02/20
Adoption of meeting minutes tabled until next meeting.


Work Session: Vice Chairman Newton began the discussion by reporting on a meeting he had with Mr.
Means, the Chairman of a local non-profit called “Reel Thanks” that takes disabled Vets fishing and some
lessons learned by that organization as it pertains to liability, both real and potential. And the potential
need for certain types of liability insurance for Board Members. Secretary Collyer asked if all members
had a chance to read the Draft ‘Operational Roadmap’ he prepared with sporadic consultation with
Board members Bangura and Newton in an effort to get the conversation started. The draft document
contains pragmatic specifics as to how the RWF could begin ‘student’ (formerly volunteers) recruitment
efforts, codes of conduct for students, employees, volunteers and Board Members. These codes of
conduct should be developed in a handbook form to be agreed to by students, volunteers
(representatives), and Board Members with a signature page, legally binding where applicable. All
agreed that legal counsel should be sought on a ‘Retainer/advisory basis’. All agreed that the matter of
Board Insurance and liability protection should be an ongoing discussion with further research. Board
member Steimle mentioned that “If we are facilitating education, our exposure could be very low”.


We spoke about the need to have “Clarification of Mission”. Vice Chairman Newton said he isn’t entirely
comfortable with the term “Volunteer” as volunteer could imply varying levels of commitment. Collyer
said, the way we vet the “Students” will be very important and reminded all that we have established a
“Vetting Committee” to review “Application for Educational Funding” applicants as they arrive. To be
further reviewed by the Board as a whole before approval. In addition, the actual educational institution

will have their own application/vetting process. These multiple layers of vetting as well as the answers
provided by the candidate on the application itself should provide adequate vetting. Basically, an
applicant comes forward and if all of the vetting and interview levels are successfully navigated, we will
officially pay for their education in the field; thereby rendering us a ‘facilitative’ agency. Newton then
asked if we should consider reaching out to existing law enforcement agencies to facilitate additional
training of existing personnel?


Board member Steimle spoke of his experience helping to establish a peer support group for his unit in
Louisville Ky and suggested that we reach out to smaller departments and act as a liaison, either as a
resource or a partner to prescreen candidates and walk them through the entire process. This would
help us refine our process while at the same time, help their department. Steimle suggested he reach
out to a local department for feedback. Board member Krause talked about the importance of having
state and local authorities ‘on the same page’ with training issues, Steimle agreed and suggested that if
members get in touch with state officials, and build a working relationship, localities would should ‘fall
in line’.


Fundraising Ideas: Collyer suggested this item would most likely be on every agenda from now on and
informed members that we now have a ‘card-swipe device’ that can be shipped to any member that has
a fundraiser in our vicinity in order to facilitate donations. Steimle mentioned an upcoming Toyota Land
Cruiser Association Rally that may generate some donations for our group.


Other Business: Board member Krause mentioned that his wife would be graduating from ISU next
Spring with a Practicum for the VA, focusing on helping Homeless Veterans and that we could lean on
her for research, to get more information on about Veterans and asked if it might pose a conflict of
interest since he is a Board member. VC Newton stated that he didn’t think it would be a problem,
stating that if there was a possibility of a conflict of interest, that he would recuse himself from any vote,
involving money pertaining to his wife.


Financial Update: Secretary Collyer informed the Board that $500.00 had been transferred from the
savings account to opening the new checking account. Leaving the savings account balance at $3,249.00
and the checking account at $500.00


Meeting Adjourned @ 2:45 pm

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