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Roy Williams Foundation Meeting Minutes, Meeting 10 


Date of Meeting 7/12/20 @ 2:00 pm MST
Type of meeting: Live, Internet, Zoom


Roll Call:
Chairman: Zach Crevier- Present
Vice Chairman: David Newton- Present


Board Members:
Zach Krause-Present
Alhaji Bangura-Present
Kit Steimle-Absent (father passed away)


Matt White-absent


Bret Collyer-Present


Assistant Secretary:
Haley Steimle-Absent (grandfather passed away)


Additions, Deletions or Changes to the Agenda? -None
Adoption of meeting minutes, meeting #9, 6/28/20
Chairman Crevier made a motion to adopt the meeting minutes as written, seconded by Board member
Krause. Minutes were unanimously adopted.


Old Business:
Continue Planning Discussion of November Mtg: The discussion was interspersed with conversations
about the possibility that travel restrictions and lockdowns would still be an ongoing concern with the
Covid 19 Pandemic. All agreed to remain optimistic and continue to make plans as though everyone
would be able to travel to Colorado for the meeting. Chairman Crevier stated that he is planning to be in
Colorado for the entire week of November 7-14. Board Member Krause asked about hotel room blocks
available for travelers. Secretary Collyer said yes, he is friends with a few hotel owners in the area who
have already expressed a keen interest in helping the organization. Collyer then explained all of the
other options and activities available to the group, which include Camping on private property at three
different ranch locations, two of them close to town and one in a more remote setting. There are also
many fishing opportunities in the area as well as many 4-wheel drive excursions that Board member
Steimle can speak to when he is back ‘in the loop’ after the death of his father. There is also a tattooing
option ‘special deal’ from a local vendor who was friends with Roy and tours with the USO as a stand-up
comedian. Collyer informed the Board that he has an appointment later this month for some tattoo
work and will discuss the addition of comedic relief to our website etc. Vice Chairman Newton asked
about the closest airport to fly into. Collyer mentioned Pueblo, Gunnison, Colorado Springs and Denver
as possible options noting that he will be glad to pick anybody up at any airport to help them get here.
We decided to continue the discussion during subsequent meetings.


New Business: Review of Fundraising Draft Letter.
All members who have not yet reviewed the letter will do so and suggest any changes prior to issuance
of final letter for distribution. Chairman Crevier stated that he discovered a few grammatical errors and
would confer with Collyer about it. After proofreading a copy would be sent to all members for


Consideration of Chaplain and other religious resources: Board Member Bangura asked Collyer what
capacity the Chaplain would serve. Collyer deferred to Vice-Chairman Newton stating that Newton
brought the issue forward. Newton explained that the Chaplain would serve the Board of Directors as
needed and the gentleman he had in mind would possibly like to serve as a volunteer for Veterans in
crisis who come to us as clients. All agreed that we would like to see all faiths and religions, including no
religion at all, i.e. Humanist and Atheists. Member Bangura noted that Chaplains are usually all, or non-
denominational by nature, depending on the needs of the individual wanting comfort and guidance.
Bangura also mentioned that he also had an individual in mind who might be willing to help the
organization. All members spoke in favor of a Board Chaplain. Vice-Chairman Newton said he would
speak to the individual he had in mind. This matter will be discussed further at a later date (informally


Other Business: Members discussed different contacts they had made with other individuals and
organizations who would potentially be helpful to our mission. Secretary Collyer previously (this mtg, old
business) discussed the tattoo artist who tours the world with the USO as a standup comedian and the
significant benefits of laughter. He also made contact with a local mental health professional that he has
served on various boards and councils with over the years. He and his Wife expressed interest in helping
the organization from an advisory standpoint and might be willing to address the board as a whole
during our November meeting. Vice Chairman Newton spoke of an organization known as “Hunting for
Heroes” that accommodates veterans with hunting trips and various outdoor activities. This
organization is headquartered about 45 minutes from Newton’s home and he was going to
communicate with them and pay them a visit. He will report back to the group after he has made
contact. Collyer also reported that the owner of the ranch that he leases, Mr. Bruce Krebs of the Angel K
Ranch is very interested in exploring the possibility of placing his 360 acre ranch into a conservation
easement to benefit the Roy Williams Foundation. His father was a belly gunner on a B-24 liberator that
fought over Europe during world war II and his son served a couple of tours in Iraq. Mr. Krebs thought it
would be a great way to honor his family and the Veteran community as well as preserve the ranch and
protect it from future development.


Financial Update: Chairman Crevier informed the Board that the RWF account balance gained .94 due to
interest, bringing the current balance to $3,751.40.


Next Meeting will be Sunday, July 26, 2020 @ 2:00pm.

Meeting Adjourned @ 2:52 pm

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