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Roy Williams Foundation Meeting Minutes Meeting One                                                                                       

Date of meeting: 12/1/2019 @ 2:00 pm MST                                                                                              

Type of Meeting: Conference Call


Roll Call:


Zach Krauss: Present                                                                                                                                     

Zach Crevier: Present

Dave Newton: Present                                                                                                                                 

Matt White: Absent

Bret Collyer: Present                

Kit Steimle: Present


All Business is new: Bret Collyer acted as Interim Chairman/Secretary. All others are considered Interim Board of Directors until officers and Board Members are chosen during the next meeting.


*Board members discussed the proposed Mission Statement, rough draft as follows: 


“Whereas we find it totally unacceptable to lose more American Service Veterans to suicide than combat, we strive to fill the gaps in the current VA system. We are operated by Veterans, for Veterans and aspire to instill hope that personal redemption can be attained by Veterans supporting Veterans through their darkest hours. We will fulfill our creed to leave no one behind.”


Board members suggested changes to include verbiage about “Renewing Life’s purpose and hope for struggling Individuals”.


Collyer will re-work the draft for the next meeting.


*Board members discussed the basic structure of a non-profit organization.


Crevier, who is still active military, said that he can share ‘Active Crisis Intervention Materials’ for the benefit of the RWF members.


*Krauss suggested that his Mother is a Lawyer and his Wife is currently enrolled in classes for social welfare work at Indiana University. He offered that they are both willing to help with this effort and suggested that he and his family contact the Dean and enlist the help of classmates and campus professionals to create a legally acceptable outline for the RWF Non-profit organization.


Acting Chairman Collyer made a motion to instruct Krauss to pursue the idea.                            

Motion was seconded by Crevier. 


A voice-vote was held and all members voted unanimously for Krauss to proceed with the outreach necessary to enlist the help of Indiana University.


*The Board decided that bi-weekly meetings are preferable to monthly meetings. So the meetings will be held every other Sunday afternoon at 2:00 MST.


*Collyer stated that he will open an appropriate account and deposit $1500.00 for “Seed Money” to help fund the effort. But would hesitate to take any donations at this time until the legalities for such an effort are better understood, i.e. tax-exemption while 501c-3 status is achieved.


* The Board discussed what features they would like to see in a website. 


Some of the features are as follows:

  1. Name: “The Roy Williams Foundation”

  2. Mission Statement: As above, to be altered and discussed as needed.

  3. Officers and Board Members: including names and Bio’s as well as statements as to what drives them to want to help Veterans, Law Enforcement and first responders who may be struggling with their experiences.

  4. A “Library Button” with information/data/articles pertaining to subject matter.

  5. A “Help” Button to access professionally trained Crisis Intervention volunteers.

  6. A “Donate now” button to allow for immediate donations etc. As soon as 501c3 status is achieved.


*The Preliminary Vision Statement will be revised as we go.


*Collyer reminded members to please work on their Bio’s for the website.


*The next meeting will be on Sunday Dec 15th at 2:00pm MST


Meeting Adjourned: 2:45


Agenda to Follow


Respectfully Submitted.


Bret Collyer 12/12/19 3:00 pm

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