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Welcome to the Roy Williams Foundation

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Our Mission:

“The Roy Williams Foundation’s mission is to prevent or end suicides within the Veteran and First Responder communities by renewing life’s purpose, instilling hope and fostering a community where they have access to the camaraderie of service.”

Our Vision:

What we envision for the Roy Williams Foundation is an ever-growing network of dedicated donors and
volunteers. Veterans and civilians working together to provide outreach and support to our veteran,
Law Enforcement and First Responder Communities. We understand that different people have
different personalities and that some people might not be able to relate to the invisible and lasting
wounds that are inflicted on the people who experience combat and other violent acts. Therefore, we
aspire to bring as many combat veterans, Law Enforcement Professionals and other first responders
into our organization as possible with civilian support to help and encourage people with PTSD to
believe in a better tomorrow. Through outdoor activities and companionship, our network strives to
connect quietly suffering veterans with other veterans who have learned to manage their PTSD and are
willing to help others. All members are passionate about this outreach and are dedicated to educating
themselves and others about crisis intervention methods to stem the tide of veteran suicide. If they find
themselves unable to help an individual, they will endeavor to find someone else in the network who
can better relate to the individual to offer support. We envision, working with and complementing other
veteran outreach organizations to create as big of a network as possible. Our funding will go toward
formal crisis intervention education for our members as well as expense reimbursement (gas, food,
lodging), outreach efforts (i.e. publicity and advertising) and eventually things like hunting and
fishing licenses. Our funding will also be used, in special cases, to pay for the best ongoing professional
psychological counseling for the most troubled veterans, Law Enforcement and First Responder
Professionals who need more help than the RWF can provide.

Contact Roy Williams Foundation

9996 US-50 Suite 1145
Salida, Colorado 81201

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